Phytotherapy in cancerology

Complex therapy considers the possibility of joint effect on general and local mechanisms of pathological process. This circumstance and wide range of medical preparations in modern medicine made the doctor choose the optimal treatment type.    

            Faults in therapy choosing, required long term (year) correction of pathological process leads to increasing interest in traditional medicine.

            Among the other treatment methods (surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapeutic, photodynamic, operative hyperthermia, etc.) there is increasing reasonability of wide use of plant origin preparations. The interest to phytotherapy depends on occurred drug disease especially while uncontrolled treatment of antifebriles, cytostatic, antibacterial and other preparations.

            Now the conception phytotherapy is based on using the experience of different people, existing medical and philosophy platforms, modern science development in phytopharmacy and phytopharmacology.

            Phytotherapy simply can affect positively in many cases and it allows avoiding complications caused by chemotherapeutic agents.

            Antitumor agents destroying tumor cells (cell-killing effect) or inhibiting its proliferative activity (cytostatic effect) can be determined under origin of synthetic agents and nature products.

            Most of known chemical cytostatic agents possess a low selection of affect to tumor tissue causing damages both the tumor cells and normal cells.

            This factor includes negative results of cytostatic therapy caused to different organs and systems of organism.

            Therefore, use of natural medical preparations is actual; they don’t cause the side effects as a rule and decrease he aggressive effect of chemical cytostatic while long term treatment.

Among the general cytotoxic and cytostatic effect the plants possess the following properties:

  • Correction of metabolic reactions in organism;
  • Immunomodulatory, adaptogenic, antioxidant action;
  • Water sault metabolism regulation;
  • Microelements and vitamins compensation.

Our family uses the medical plants as a medication and for increasing the life quality of patients with oncology diseases. Based upon the long term dynastic experience and estimating the life quality of patients with oncology diseases using the continued treatment with medical preparations we can say that using phytotherapy both with operative, radio therapeutic and radial methods and separately (only phytotherapy) significantly increases the life quality. It decreases the symptoms “feeling sick”, “bad sleep”, “low appetite”; low or absent cachexia, psychomatic changes and positive dynamic of lab and instrumental methods of investigation.

The important fact is that most plants are able to reduce toxic effect of cytostatic preparations and radiation, increase its effectiveness, take antimetastatic and antirelapse effect.

Patience, moderation, will and wish to live are required to successful treatment.

            Treatment is based on etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, syndromes and general knowledge of disease.

            It is very important that specialist take recommendations because a self-disease can lead to bad consequences.

            We operate the general methods in order to help the patient: individual and complex treatment, instrumental and lab control in dynamics, using the self-prepared and cultivated herbs.