Everything in the nature is logical, worked out the kinks, the Nature is always right.

There is no disease to which the Mother-nature made the antidote.

N.V. Korotkov

The essential advantage of the drug plants against the synthesized drug substances is the existence of natural complex of biologically active substances. All these substances are filtrated through biosynthesis and become in organically bound and available form. They are different in optimal proportion of general components for human organism.    

One more plus of drug plants is its low toxicity, possible continuous treatment without significant side effects and variety of pharmacological properties of one plant that allow safety affect at this time to some systems thus increasing the body resistance and activate the metabolism.

However the treatment with plants is subject to be carried out carefully. Paracelsus wrote: “Everything is toxic, nothing has toxicity; but everything is medicine. One dose makes the substance toxic or medicine”.

Therefore the approximate prescriptions have the investigatory meaning.

Herbal medicine has the great experience that can be studied for hundred years. It would be irresponsible statement that drug plants are the panacea. Its treatment priority is dictated by the character of pathology: recurrence or remission. In case when there are no signs of critical process, the drug plants can be the main treatment type, i.e. basic one. In most cases a full effect can be reached together with pharmaceutical treatment and phytotherapy.

Our family use and develop the methods of herbal medicine for long ago. Four generations of Lovanovs accumulated, developed and succeeded knowledge about medical herbs and its properties. Today the respected successor to this family tradition is the younger Konstantin Alexandrovich. Successfully graduated Kuban State Medical University he does business of his great grandfather. Keeping with harmony the scientific knowledge of theoretical medicine and dynastic experience in phytotherapy.

A lot of Kuban plants have the treatment properties and are the ever-living source of health. The natural purity and maturity of this material is the half of success to fight with human diseases. The other major half is the right and systematic applying. You can brew thyme gathered by the grandmothers and drink urological tea taken from the drugstore; it can be useful but you should know the terms. Any herb has a wide range of properties that can be increased and made useless. The major value is the knowledge and skills required for choose the components and proportion of natural tea. If you speak about fighting with disease or serious metabolic hormonal disturbance you should rely on herbalist decision.

As in any area of medicine the strategy and treatment are exist in phytoterapy. Collecting and making the herbs to valuable and treatment condition is the other side responsible for quality of treatment.

Treatment strategy for herbs medicine is made for mobilization of self-protective properties of organism that we obtain from birth. The disordered day regime, irregular meal, stress destroy