Lobanov Konstantin Alexandrovich

Krasnodar region is not only the breadbasket of Russia but it has all the ground to name itself as the all-Russian health center. The sun, sea, gentle climate and unique flora made this nook as blessed to relax and build your health.

Throughout the years the top qualification herbalist Lobanov Alexander Konstantinovich has been working and treating the patients in our region. He is the member of the Russian professional association of traditional and natural medicine; he has a lot of certificates of acknowledgement for phytotherapy development and was awarded by the order of Hippocrates.

Four generations of Lobanovs accumulated, developed and handed down the knowledge of herbals and natural properties.

Today the respected successor to this family tradition is the younger – Konstantin Alexandrovich.

Successfully graduated Kuban State Medical University he does business of his great grandfather. Keeping with harmony the scientific knowledge of theoretical medicine and dynastic experience in phytotherapy he hereby helps to cope with diseases and avoid surgical treatment in most cases.

Today Lobanov Konstantin Alexandrovich is a research assistant of Phytotherapy Institute and member of the Russian professional association of traditional and natural medicine. He published a lot of academic and research papers; his medical practice is characterized by highly professional level and responsibility to every patient.

Patients with different diseases are admitted in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region.

About treatment methods

The principle of our treatment method is clinical phytotherapy, i.e. we sum up the family experience and modern science developments of phytopharmacy and phytopharmacology and use the medical plants for treatment of different diseases following the rules:

  1. Medical plants are prescribed individually subject to therapeutic action.
  2. We rely on general and concurrent disease to prescribe phytotherapy.
  3. Tea is composed on the basis of therapeutic reason subject to disease progression (pathogenesis) for every patient.
  4. Treatment with medical plants requires a long course.
  5. Chronicity needs routine phytotherapy during seasonal exacerbations.
  6. Strength medical plants are not used in children therapy.
  7. Use of phytotherapy requires knowledge of the basis of therapeutic action of every medical preparation and its combination in multicomponent tea.
  8. All used medical plants are prepared and cultivated under our control, tested to determine the absence of teratogenic, carcinogenic, toxic, allergenic action and side effects.


Phytotherapy course lasts more than 1month. Combinational medical and herbal tea reacts slowly. As a rule, patient observes improvement in recovery after 2-3 weeks, and the full effect can be observed after 3-4 months. The long term treatment is required for steady results.

The formula, proportions of administered medical plants are the intellectual property and family achievement that is given from generation to generation; we are professionals in this area and we do not deal with herbs and tea market.

The essential aspect of successful recover is confidence, trust and patient patience.